Marketing Automation and Salesforce

Originally written for Magnet 360 Blog: There exists a common misconception that Marketing Automation only benefits marketing. True, it is a tool that should be used to disseminate thought leadership and email campaigns, but limiting its use to the marketing department alone would minimize its benefits.

Marketing Automation is a conduit for lead generation, lead nurture, lead qualification, and enabling a more productive and efficient sales team. I have come to appreciate the concept of likening Marketing Automation functionality to Magnet 360’s already established practice area, because is sometimes confused with being solely a sales tracking tool.

When Marketing Automation and work in tandem, Marketing and Sales teams are equipped with the necessary information and communication channels to work collaboratively throughout the sales funnel.

Below is an example of the full range in functionality for these two tools, and how they can enhance a sales-funnel:
Someday, I will become a wildly successful entrepreneur. Due to my Minnesota roots, my obvious business choice will be a Tater Tot Hot Dish company. To grow my business quickly and reach my targeted audiences I will want to use Marketing Automation and CRM tools. Through a tracking code found in our Marketing Automation tool, all activity from an anonymous prospect on our customizable Hot Dish website would be tracked, even if the user hasn’t identified herself yet. Once she does choose to interact with the site, say through a form, all of her previous activity will instantly be linked to the contact’s record in both the Marketing Automation tool and The lead, we’ll call her Lea, could be qualified based on her interaction. Lea could be nurtured through a drip campaign until she is ready to be handed off to a sales team member. If Lea decides that her taste buds are not yet evolved enough to enjoy my tasty Midwestern delicacy, and she falls out of the funnel, alerts and processes in both tools could be set in place to reach out to her after a period of time.

Now, let’s suppose Lea loves the Hot Dish and goes all the way through the funnel, all of the salespeople’s interactions with her will be stored in From there, Marketing Automation campaigns can be implemented to keep her in that sales funnel.
An especially helpful feature of is the ability to engage with leads to produce results. Lea’s record would pull in her full social profile. As a marketer and salesperson, the information shared on social channels is invaluable. My business will be better equipped to know what drives my lead and can use the various options for social channels through marketing automation to push tailored campaigns.

For marketers, who definitely do not identify as developers, the absolute best part of it all is there is no coding! The gamut of capabilities available through these tools is often limited to what they are most commonly used for. I challenge you to think of them as complementary and wide-ranging in their benefits. Approach them based on their commonalities and the possibilities to automate will become increasingly apparent.

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