“I’m a Podcast Superstar”

My friend Emily, a New York turned Turkish designer, introduced me to the Thunder Nerds Podcast who interviewed me on UX and travel. It was really wonderful chatting with the guys, learning more about the podcasting process, and reflecting on the trip.

The episode featuring me can be found here and I highly recommend hearing Emily’s story here.

What Long-Term Travel Taught Me About Project Planning

Imagine your last day of your first post-collegiate job.

For me, it was with some nerves, but mostly eager anticipation that I decided to leave my position (and benefits!) as a User Experience consultant to go on a round-the-world vision quest. With three years of professional experience, a longing for exploration, and no “real” commitments it was the right time to go. My journey has bore witness to undeniably breathtaking views and heartwarming human interactions but arguably one of the best side-effects of travel has been perspective. Of course perspective has manifested itself in a variety of ways, one of which is understanding the work I did in a new way. Long-term travel informed my perspective on managing a budget and documentation, but the most eye-opening was its impact on how I understand project planning. Continue reading

Interview with César Astudillo

This post is part of a larger project on Designing Opportunity. Check out my earlier blog post for an overview of the topic.

Below you will find a written reflection from my interview with César Astudillo in Madrid.

César Astudillo, Senior Fellow of Designit Madrid, agreed to chat about the topic of inequality and design, although he was vocally apprehensive that he would have anything positive to contribute. Our discussion, which focused on design in relation to politics, coincided almost perfectly with my discovery of Open Government Data and Code for America. Continue reading